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Flight Airborne

Experience what it's like to steer an aircraft yourself

This experience is unique for the possibilities to see sights and monuments. You'll also get the opportunity to steer the aircraft yourself! The perfect soft start for the person that is interested and curious to fly an aircraft.

What happens when I've bought an experience?

When you have purchased your flight experience with us, you will receive an email containing a digital proof of value with an associated value code. You choose this voucher yourself if you want to use it yourself or give it to someone as a gift - it is not tied to you personally.

When you or the person to whom you give the voucher want to experience one of our flight experiences, you go to the Book page on our website to redeem the voucher and book an experience.


Total time approximately 45 minutes. Total flight time approximately 20-25 minutes.


Västerås, Bromma Ekerö, Stockholm Bromma Airport, Göteborg, Malmö, Kristianstad, Ronneby


You need to be at least 14 years old to fly


This experience can be booked all year

  • Description

    Have you too dreamt about steering an aircraft? You’re not the only one. Some of us carry that dream from childhood while others doesn’t discover it until later in life. Some are curious about what it’s like to fly at our heights. Some even wonders what it’s like to steer the aircraft with their own hands and senses. No matter what we’re quite confident that our experience Airborne will fulfill your dreams – and more!

    Airborne is the flying experience that suits either to give yourself or as a gift to your friend, a colleague or someone in the family. The experience is packed with everything that a flight in a small aircraft should contain, and our promise is that you’ll get something memorable with you in the end of the day! Lets experience a flight above what’s normal where you together with our experienced pilots will co-pilot and be guided from take-off to landing.

    This experience is our most popular! Probably because it’s packed with everything between heaven and earth. Quite literally.

    Total time approximately 45 minutes. Total flight time approximately 20-25 minutes depending on weather and wind. The rest of the time will be walk-throughs and ofcourse some photographing.

    We highly recommend you to add our Movie Package to this memorable experience!

  • Our pilots
    Pilot Alan Raouf

    Alan Raouf

    I work as a pilot and instructor and have been training students for over 10 years. I have been active in aviation education and its associated pedagogy since 1998, when the journey began with gliding.

    Pilot Richard Haglund

    Richard Haglund

    I work as a pilot and instructor and have trained students from all over the world. Has previously worked as a pilot for several Swedish Airlines. Have been stationed in several Norwegian coastal cities with challenging weather conditions which has made me a very confident pilot.

    Pilot  Sirre Sakula

    Sirre Sakula

    I work as a pilot and instructor. Has trained students for, among others, SAS, Norwegian, RyanAir, WizzAir and Qatar Airlines. I love being able to share my passion for aviation, which shines through in my work as a pilot.

  • FAQ

    Am I insured?


    How long does it take to receive the gift card?

    1-5 working days via traditional mail or same day via email.

    Where are you flying from?

    Stockholm Bromma Airport, Bromma Ekerö, Västerås, Gothenburg, Malmö and Kristianstad

    What planes do you fly?

    Piper, Cessna, Diamond, Extra 300, Bellanca, Saab Safir, and several other interesting models.

    In case of cancellation, do you get the money back?

    We offer 14 days open purchase to all our customers, after this period you have 24 months to book the flight.

    How old do you have to be?

    From 14 years and up.

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